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The Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa
Are you inviting your loved one or your somebody from outside Canada to visit you or your family?
A well-drafted visitor visa letter can make a big impression on the visa officer who is evaluating your relative's visa application.
Often people will just copy the draft from some relative or friend and use it for their purpose, however, they forget that each visa application has its own factors, that you need to bring it to the attention of the visa officer in your invitation letter.
The Invitation letter is just not an ordinary letter, it is an opportunity for you to briefly explain, why are we inviting the person, what factors support the trip, what are the most important reasons that visa officer needs to consider while making a decision on the application.
Other factors people usually often disregard, are the value of other documents you are attaching to the invitation letter. Some people don't know about the documents that may have to send with the Invitation letter to support the contents of your letter. They simply assume that the Visa officer will believe the letter, which is a totally wrong assumption.
Though on the IRCC website, in their guidelines, IRCC has stated that there is no need of the letter to be notarized or commissioned, however, when one does get it done, it shall surely add to the credibility of the application.
We offer you the service for providing a clear and detailed Invitation letter which shall cover every aspect of the application. You will need to sit with us and describe the social and financial condition of your guests as well as yours so that we get the complete picture of what is important that goes in the Invitation letter. 
Please contact us for further information to about how to start the process.
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