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If you are in India and paying in Indian Currency (INR), please use the pink button below to pay through PAYTM

60 Min | Rs. 5000.00
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If you are outside India and paying in CAD$ or in any other currency, please use the Yellow button above to pay through PAYPAL

60 Min | CAD $75.00

Get your question regarding process, eligibility to become a permanent resident of Canada under different immigration program offered by the Canadian Government.


JKL Immigration is in the business of providing representation to people who need help to file their immigration application to the Government of Canada. The principal consultant, Mr. Rishi Bhardwaj, is fully authorized and licensed by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC)  and is authorized to represent you officially on your immigration application to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which is the immigration department of the Canada.

A lot of people calling us have this impression as if we are a general inquiry no. for all their questions regarding various Canadian immigration programs. We are neither a free help line nor a call center working on behalf of Canadian Government or CICC. (The regulatory body for all licensed Immigration professionals).

As any other business, we have our expenses, hence we only offer paid initial consultation which you need to book with us in advance. The initial consultation, would be over the phone, and as a licensed professional, we would do our best to clear your doubts about the process and eligibility issues.

You need to book the consultation with us using the "Pay Now" or "Buy Now" button at the left, once you pay for the consultation services, please send us the picture of the receipt and we shall book the suitable time and day  for the consultation mutually agreed upon.

We would also require a copy of your identity document such as your passport, driver's license or other government issued document such as Ontario Photo ID, Aadhar Card (India), Driving License (India) in order to book an initial consultation with us.

Please note that the initial consultation is to talk about your doubts about the PR process, to discuss your potential eligibility issues, the required documents during the PR process and fee related issue. The retainer fee for the actual application fee is not discussed until we go through all the aspects of the prospective clients situation and the relevant documents are provided to us for assessment.

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